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How You Know You Have A Chocolate Problem

| Related | December 14, 2015

(It’s my cousin’s birthday, and it’s traditional to smear their face with cake. I’m a teenage girl; my cousin is a stout 30+ man who is the same height but is twice me in muscle. I smear cake on his face from behind and he chases me around the house and COVERS my face in his birthday cake. It’s everywhere. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair.)

Me: “UGH!” *runs to the bathroom and cleans off most of it*

Cousin: *laughing uproariously*

Me: *comes back out of the bathroom*

Cousin: “Hey, [My Name]. Snort.”

Me: *unthinkingly obeys and snorts* “OH, MY GOD, IT WENT UP MY NOSE!”

(I’m dumb sometimes.)