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How You Found Out I Am Quitting Is One Of The Reasons Why I Am Quitting

, , , , | Working | October 1, 2019

(My workplace is incredibly dysfunctional and the managers tend to be either lazy or crazy; there’s no in-between. My shift manager is incredibly vulgar. She also hates me and is very vocal about it for some reason. I finally decide to turn in my two weeks notice, but the owner has been AWOL for almost a week. I leave it on his desk in his office, which is always open, with the big letters “FOR [BOSS]” on the envelope. Ten minutes later:)

Shift Manager: “[My Name], can I get a hand with something in the walk-in?”

(I go into the walk-in, accepting my fate.)

Shift Manager: “Do you have something you wanna tell me?”

Me: “Um… no?”

Shift Manager: “Why the f*** are you quitting?!”

Me: “Why did you open up an envelope marked, ‘FOR [BOSS]’?”

Shift Manager: “Because I’m a manager! I can do whatever I want!”

(We proceed to have an uncomfortably long conversation of her trying to convince me to stay, which I decline.)

Me: “I almost got fired a month ago, [Shift Manager]. I’m not getting a raise and you don’t have the authority to give me one! This place also doesn’t make schedules, and I tend to just get texts late at night that say if I work the next morning or not!”

(I haven’t heard anything in a week.)

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