How We Know That Pokémon Has Taken Over Your Life

| | Friendly | September 5, 2016
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Scores of you are engaging in the great Pokémon hunt, and for some of you, it’s a matter of life and death:

Collected here are some of our favorite Pokémon Go inspired stories sent into Not Always Friendly:



(My mom and I are walking and playing Pokémon Go together in the grocery store parking lot.)

Me: “Can you hold my hand so I don’t accidentally go into the road?”

Mom: “Sure.” *holds my hand*

Car: *goes past us* “HEY, DO THAT AT YOUR OWN HOME!”


(Turned out the people in the car thought my mom and I were lesbian lovers… My mom and I are 30 years apart.)



(My roommate, his girlfriend, and I are out driving around taking care of chores. I’m in the backseat playing Pokémon Go, while his girlfriend is running both his and her copies of the app. We’re currently heading to the local DMV so I can get some information sorted out.)

Me: “Huh, there’s a Pokéstop at the DMV.”

Roommate: “Really? Pokémon Go, making people go places they really don’t want to.”

(I’m a fairly devout Christian, but I can’t resist taking the obvious jab.)

Me: “Like church?”

(There’s a brief moment of stunned silence, before his girlfriend starts shaking her head while smiling, and he starts talking while halfway laughing.)

Roommate: “Dude, that was cruel; great, but unexpectedly cruel coming from you.”



(I was asked to invite some friends to a party.)

Me: “Hey, come to [Location] at [Date and Time]. There is going to be an extra special Pokémon.”

Friend: “Yes! Count me in! But how do you know that?”

Me: “Intuition. [Friend #2] expects half-naked women, [Friend #3], pretty young men, [Friend #4], free ice cream, and for you, it’s a Pokémon.”



(My friend is playing Pokémon. His level 7 Tepig is almost “dead,” but the Pokémon he is facing is level 2. My friend decides to catch the Pokémon.)

Friend: *throwing Pokéball* “Imma catch him so that I have him in my pokédex.”

Me: “What’s the bet he escapes? Ping! Ping!” *Imitating the Pokéball noise* “Ping!”

(The Pokémon escapes.)

Friend: “Oh, my god. You did it.”


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