How To Win The War Against Telemarketers, Part 9

| Working | September 6, 2015

(I’m sitting at home on my laptop when I get one of those “your windows have a virus” scam calls. I tend to be a very sarcastic person. Please note: I am female.)

Scammer: “Hello. I am calling from Microsoft. We have been informed that your Windows have a virus!”

Me: *over dramatic* “YOU MEAN MY WINDOWS HAVE EBOLA! OH, NO! What do I do?!”

Scammer: “N-no. No, ma’am, the windows on your computer.”

Me: “You mean the one that’s not on?”

Scammer: “You’re a d***!” *hangs up*

(He could’ve tried harder, but I think it was probably obvious I was just going to screw with him… Wise decision.)


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