How To Win The War Against Telemarketers, Part 4

| Working | February 5, 2014

(My dad is the go to guy in our neighbourhood for PC advice. We have at least five calls a day asking for help on this thing or that thing. As a joke my dad starts answering phones saying ‘Software support.’)

Dad: “Software Support.”

Telemarketer: “Hi… Uh, what?”

Dad: “Yes, you’re through to the software support line. How can I help?”

Telemarketer: “Oh… uhm, sorry. I was calling a Mr [Family Name]. Is he there?”

Dad: “I don’t know. Is it regarding software issues?”

Telemarketer: “Er, no. We want to talk about his credit rating.”

Dad: “Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. You called me because of your software issues.”

(At this point the telemarketer is so confused they forget who actually placed the call.)

Telemarketer: “Oh, did you call me about the PC I’m on?”

Dad: “I don’t know. Is that where your software issues are?”

Telemarketer: “Well yes… Uh, sort of. It’s running really, really slowly.”

Dad: “Ah, I see. I will contact someone about this right away. Bye now.” *click*

(To this day I do not know exactly how long the telemarketer waited about his IT problem, but I do know we were never called by that company again!)


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