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How To Win The War Against Telemarketers, Part 24

| Working | January 27, 2017

(I’m at home when the phone rings…)

Me: “Hello.”

Caller: “I’m calling about your Visa or Mastercard account.”

Me: “Who are you trying to reach?”

Caller: “For confirmation, what is the number on your account?”

Me: “There’s more than one person at this address. Who are you trying to reach?”

Caller: “Just a moment.” *puts me on hold*

Caller: “[My Brother].”

Me: “He’s out of town. Would you like me to take a message?”

Caller: “Sorry, it’s [My Name].”

Me: “Junior or senior?”

Caller: “Senior.”

Me: “He’s at work.”

Caller: “Junior, then.”

(I hang up. Tip: one lie is more persuasive than three lies.)


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