How To Win The War Against Telemarketers, Part 23

, | Working | December 30, 2016

(I have been called by a telemarketer to answer a survey about my hometown. They promised it would only take a few minutes so I agreed, like an idiot. After thirty minutes of answering questions about every bill my local politicians have voted on, how I feel about them and how they’ve impacted the community, I’m beginning to get frustrated so I end the call.)

Me: “Thank you, but I really must go now. Have a good day.”

Telemarketer: “I’m sorry, but once the survey is started it must be finished. We’ve only got a few more questions to do.”

Me: “Thank you and good bye.”

(I hang up. Immediately the phone begins to ring again from the same number.)

Me: “God d*** it! I’m just letting it ring this time.”

(I do but the telemarketer keeps calling back. Finally…)

Housemate: “Why is your phone ringing off the hook?”

Me: “It’s a telemarketer. They won’t go away and won’t take me off their list.”

Housemate: “Let me handle them.”

(The next time my phone rings, I put it on speaker and my housemate talks.)

Telemarketer: “Hello. We seem to have lost connection back there. Let’s just finish up here.”

Housemate: “Wait, I have a few questions for you. I’m running my own survey.”

Telemarketer: “No, I’m running the survey. I ask the questions.”

Housemate: “No, I am. I figured you wouldn’t mind since you seem so set on wasting my time.”

Telemarketer: *hangs up*

(They never called back.)


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