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How To Ruffle The Professor’s Feathers

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(Professors are often absent-minded, but this one is exceptional. I am working in the math office when he comes in and yells at the secretary.)

Professor: “[Secretary], where’s my package? It was supposed to be here yesterday.”

Secretary: “I’m not sure, Dr. [Professor]. Let me call and trace it.”

Professor: “Do it immediately. I need that at once.”

(She called the company and the shipper. It took a few calls, but finally, she found that it had been delivered a day early and had been sitting on his desk. Since this was not the first time he had yelled and complained for no reason, she took some shipping tape and hung the package across his office doorway at eye level and covered it with orange and yellow feathers. That afternoon, he returned, ducked under the package, sat at his desk, and called the secretary to ask if she found his package yet.)

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