How To Romaine Calm, Part 2

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This takes place during the romaine lettuce recall that affected the entire country. When we receive our shipments of lettuce during this time, customers snatch up the lettuce faster than we can stock it. I have this conversation about once a day for the entire recall.

Customer: “Where is all the lettuce?”

Me: “That’s all we have, because of the romaine recall.”

Customer: “But only romaine is not being sold. All the other lettuce is fine. Where is it?”

Me: “That’s all we have. There’s a shortage of the other types of lettuce because of the recall.”

Customer: “No, there’s not!”

Me: “Yes, there is. Romaine is one of the most popular lettuces out there. That’s why a good two-thirds of our bagged salads are no longer being sold. What’s left has to be shared with every store and every restaurant in the country. There’s not enough supply to meet the demand. Everyone has to share what lettuce is left.”

The customer grumbles and walks over to the iceberg lettuce and reads the sign.

Customer: “There’s a limit?”

Me: “Yes. You can only buy two heads of iceberg lettuce right now.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “It’s to prevent people from taking all of the lettuce before other customers have had the chance to buy some.”

This is one of the reasons why I believe everyone should have to take Economics 101 every ten years or so. Supply and demand is not that hard a concept.

How To Romaine Calm

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