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How To Prove Them Right

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As a technical lead who has had the experience of hiring in the past, I deal with a lot of the vacancies we have, as many of our staff have worked here all their lives. It is a job in itself as people retire and leave the company.

I get a pointed email from a guy who says he has applied for several positions and never heard anything back. He states that his experience is perfect for the company and wants to know if he can talk to someone in the business.

I read through his CV (resumé), and it is pretty good. I recall passing it on a few times, so I apologise and tell him we normally do let candidates know the reason why they weren’t hired and that I will look into this for him.

First, I talk to the hiring manager, who remembers the CV; they passed it to Human Resources as a recommendation. Then, I speak to HR, who can’t remember exactly but say they would have passed it to the director to sign off; he would be the only person who could tell me.

So, I go to the director.

Me: “Excuse me, sorry. But I’m following up on a CV. The person tells me that they have applied several times and never heard back. Everyone has told me so far that they liked it and I’m wondering what happened.”

Director: “That’s odd. Can I see the CV?”

I hand it to him.

Director: “Ah, yes, I can tell you why. The guy is an a***hole.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Director: “Oh, yes. I worked with him before at another company. Overly negative, condescending… I actually fired him in the end when he publicly ridiculed an employee in front of everyone. You can tell him that if you like.”

Me: “Thanks? I will make sure he gets some feedback.”

I go away and wish I never promised him a reply, but I said I would, so I give him a call.

Me: “Thank you for your interest in [Company]; however, after a review, I have discovered that your applications are not being considered for employment here.”

Job Seeker: “Well, why not?”

Me: “Speaking to our director, [Director], he believes that you don’t have the right fit for our company.”

Job Seeker: “Oh, him. Well, if that Bible-thumper works there, maybe I don’t want to work there, anyway. F*** him and f*** you; f*** your whole company.”

Me: “I think we certainly don’t want you, either. Goodbye, Mr. [Job Seeker], please do not contact us here again.”

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