How To Make Your Teacher Explode

| Learning | September 13, 2013

(I’m taking a history class that isn’t exactly filled with the brightest bulbs in the school. We’re learning about the 1950s and the Cold War when a student raises her hand.)

Student: “If you saw the atom bomb coming down, and you ran away, would you survive?”

(The teacher and class all stare at her for a moment, processing this question before the teacher finally responds.)

Teacher: “…no. So anyway—”

Student: “Well, what if you got on a bike?”

Teacher: “…still no.”

Student: “A car?”

Teacher: *exasperated* “No!”

Student: “Well, what if—”

(At this point our teacher has had enough, and walks straight in front of the girl’s desk.)

Teacher: “If you are close enough to see the atom bomb falling, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.”

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