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How To Make You Brandy Snap

, , | Right | December 2, 2021

I work in a small store, part of a big chain. Since we are understaffed, the closing shift has only two of us working: my coworker manning the meats and cheese, and me on the register. Sometimes it can get wild as many people come in, so we barely manage to restock and clean before actual closing time. A regular customer comes in.

Customer: “I need brandy. Go get it for me.”

Me: “We don’t have it right now, so there is no way to get it.”

Customer: “I know you have some in the storage across the street. Go get it!”

Me: “There are only two of us, and I can’t leave the register to go there and look. Besides, I don’t think we have it in stock right now anyway.”

Customer: “You can send her—” *points to [Coworker]* “—to go look.”

Me: “No, she can’t go and leave me alone to look for something that she doesn’t even know where it could be found.”

Customer: “C’mon, go! I made a 100€ bet that you will get me that brandy; you will pay if I lose this bet!”

Me: “For the last time, there is absolutely no way for any of us to go look for it now; it’s busy and there are only two of us. Besides, I don’t give a d*** about your bet; you shouldn’t have made it hoping that we would be good little puppets for you. Now buy something or get out.”

He lingers in the store for ten more minutes trying to get us to go look for it. The next morning, he actually comes to complain to my boss that we didn’t want to serve him, but that doesn’t go as planned.

Boss: “She told you they are alone in the store. When they are alone, they can’t leave the store. If you want to complain more, I can just give you the corporate number, but they will tell you the same. Now get out.”

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