How To Make Macaroni Cheesy

| Related | February 1, 2014

(My grandfather has spent the last several years in a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s. He’s long since failed to recognize family members, to our knowledge. It’s now Christmas and I, Mom, and an aunt are watching another aunt feed him dinner.)

Aunt #1: “Come on, Daddy. Eat your macaroni and cheese!”

(He takes a slow mouthful and chews. Suddenly, my mother starts singing with no specific tune.)

Mom: “Macaroni and cheese! Macaroni and cheese! Macaroni and cheeeeeese!”

(My aunts pay this no mind, but I look up and stare at her with my best ‘WTF’ expression.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Mom: “Just singing. Can’t I sing?”

(She continues singing, and I decide that ignoring her along with my aunts is the best course of action. However, a minute later my aunts somehow get into the swing of things and start singing along with her, hardly even out of tune with each other.)

All Three: “Macaroni and cheese, yeah, macaroni and cheese!”

(At this point my grandfather is just looking around the room, and his eyes finally fall on me. As he stares at me amongst the impromptu choir, I can’t resist saying:)

Me: “Yeah, those are your daughters. Even if you don’t remember, you’re very proud. I promise.”

Grandfather: *bursts into chuckles, causing everyone in the room to follow.*

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