How To Make A Job Of-fish-ial

| Working | June 26, 2013

(I’m working as a call center agent at a small company. The owner and the managing director are really nice and we’ve become fairly friendly. One day I overhear them talking about branching out to internet, and I tell them that this is my field. The next day they ask me to come in early to talk about it.)

Owner: “Tell me about this Internet…”

(I talk a bit.)

Owner: *to the managing director* “I think it is time for the fish.”

Managing Director: “I’ll go get the fish.”

(The managing director brings in a novelty mounted bass of the type that plays songs when you press a button. He presses a button and the fish sings, ‘Show me to the river’.)

Owner: “Now pitch to us why you could help us get onto this internet thing.”

(I talk some more. Afterwards, they send me back out to do my regular call center work. About an hour later I’m called back in with them.)

Owner: *to the managing director* “Is it time for the other song?”

Managing Director: “Yes, I think so.”

Owner: “Play the other song!”

(The fish plays ‘Don’t worry, be happy,’ and I am hired full time. Still the best job I ever had for three great years.)

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