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How To Insure Your Customers Never Come Back

, , , , | Healthy | November 2, 2021

I have a long history of female issues and being precancerous. It has led to the need for a hysterectomy. I get all scheduled for surgery, and a few weeks prior, the doctor’s office calls me and informs me that my insurance will not cover my procedure until I “try” a medication that I have never heard of OR birth control… which I am supposed to take for three months.

This instantly amuses and irritates me. I am a forty-year-old female with three biological children. The youngest is almost fifteen. When I had her, I had a tubal ligation. For those that don’t speak medical… I got fixed. Therefore, I have been unable to have children for all of fifteen years now and I definitely don’t plan on having any more.

I reluctantly agree to the birth control, only because I have taken it once upon a time. My fiancé goes to pick up my birth control and, lo and behold, he is told that insurance will not authorize payment for it.

Let me get this straight: my insurance refuses to allow me to have a surgery that is medically necessary and is documented as such by more than one doctor. The insurance is making me take this medication in order to approve my surgery. But they are refusing to cover it. Did I get that right?

My insurance has gone downhill for the last few years but this takes the cake. When we get married in December, I will be leaving my insurance for my fiancé’s. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed. I know one day I’ll look back and laugh, but right now I’m still too angry to do so.

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