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How To Insure You Won’t Make The Sale

, , , , | Working | August 11, 2021

This happened some years ago. It was quite common for insurance companies to set up a booth at a shopping centre or bus depot, where they would approach passers-by and ask them to do a survey so they could promote their insurance plans. They had a reputation for being extremely aggressive, harassing easy targets like young students or elderly people, in order to meet their quotas.

My sister and I were at a bus depot. It was pretty crowded, so she was several paces ahead of me. We walked past one of these insurance booths, with agents waylaying passers-by.

Agent: “Can you help me to do this survey?”

Sister: “No, thanks, I’m in a hurry.”

Agent: “It’ll just be a few minutes.”

Sister: “I’m rushing to catch my bus.”

Agent: “It’s just a few minutes! My colleague will tell you more.”

She proceeded to GRAB my sister’s arm and physically DRAG her roughly over to the booth! Alarmed, I ran after them.

Agent: “Okay, we have this plan.”

She started to take out some brochures.

Sister: “My bus is here!”

Agent: “Oh, it’s okay! You can wait a few minutes for the next one. Now for this…”

She started to talk about their insurance

The bus left. My sister looked exasperated as she sat down, but I could see what she was about to do, so I stayed outside.

The agent talked for maybe fifteen more minutes, until the next bus arrived. My sister got up.

Sister: “Okay, I had a good rest. My bus is here.”

Agent: “Would you like to buy this plan?”

Sister: “As I said, I’m in a hurry. I’ve missed a bus, and now I’m even later. I was just sitting here to rest my feet.”

She got up and left. The agent gave her a black look, but my sister did say she wasn’t interested in the insurance plans; it’s not her fault that the agent wasn’t listening.

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