How To Inflate That They’re Late

| Working | May 7, 2014

(I’ve ordered takeaway from a restaurant by phone. I’ve been told it would take about 20 minutes. It’s just around the corner so after 20 minutes I go to fetch my food.)

Me: “Hi. I ordered on the phone.”

Waiter: “You’re late.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Waiter: “I’ve got your order here, but you’re late.”

Me: “I thought it was going to take 20 minutes.”

(By now, it’s been 25 minutes.)

Waiter: “Yes, and you are late. You’re lucky we were nice enough to keep it warm for you, or you’d be eating cold food.”

Me: “… Okay, thanks.”

Waiter: “Next time, don’t be late!”

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