How To Go-Go Gay-Gay

| TX, USA | Romantic | February 11, 2013

(For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend, who hates dancing, agrees to go out with a few friends to a club. The club that I have picked is a known gay club, and my boyfriend is a bit iffy about going. When we get there, we notice that there are three, almost naked male go-go dancers.)

Me: “Wow, I didn’t know that they were going to have go-go dancers here!”

Boyfriend: “Well, they look pretty cut.”

(My boyfriend wanders off to talk to one of the dancers. After a minute or two, he pulls a dollar bill out and tips one of them before wandering back.)

Me: “…Did you just tip him?”

Boyfriend: “Well, to be fair, he is pretty hot.”

Me: “Do I need to worry about losing you to a guy?”

Boyfriend: “If they all looked like them, maybe.”

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