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How To Get Yourself Transferred To Unemployment

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We have a transfer from another store working for us. She’s put herself down for all shift availability, essentially any hours from 6:00 am start to 4:00 am finish. Since we’re in need of more opening staff, she’s soon put on 6:00 am to 2:00 pm shifts.

[Transfer] quickly begins complaining that she can’t make it at 6:00 am because the buses don’t run that early and using every excuse as to why she can’t make it in at 6:00 am. Notable at this point is that we have a woman in her sixties who doesn’t drive and lives on the other side of town, and she makes it to the store at 5:30 am every weekday, so it is entirely possible to get there that early.

[Transfer] is taken off of mornings and moved to evenings. Now she complains that she can’t work that late and she only wants to be scheduled when the buses run.

That is not unreasonable, but her attitude about it is miles off and it’s spilling into every aspect of her work. This request would limit her to around 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, which are shifts we really don’t need more staff for. Because of this, her hours are reduced. She probably could get more if she wasn’t so miserable.

We also have an informal system where if you are interested in picking up a shift on any days off, you can write your name on that page of the schedule as “on-call,” and if you are needed, you’ll be contacted. [Transfer] puts herself down for every one of her days off, and then she refuses any shift offered to her with a disgusted tone.

She feels her hours were unfair, so out of protest, she stops showing up for her shifts entirely. She refuses to talk to the general managers and says she’ll come back when she gets the hours she wants.

She is eventually just taken off the schedule. I don’t know at what point she’s officially let go, but she does come in after a couple of weeks to see if she has hours again.

Good riddance.

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