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How To Get Lobby-tomized

, , , | Right | March 2, 2022

I work at a fast food place, and due to some staffing issues, we temporarily close the lobby and are only serving guests in the drive-thru. All of the front lights are off, and the doors are locked. I work up front, and I am wearing one of the drive-thru headsets to take orders.

The drive-thru customer says something garbled, but I make out “called ahead” and “chicken.”

Me: “Absolutely, ma’am. If you can just pull up to the window, we’ll get that taken care of.”

I assume it’s something the managers already know about, and even if that isn’t the case, they’ll cross that bridge when she gets to the window.

A couple of orders later, we get an order for the restaurant’s dessert menu, which is also part of my position, and the cold line is up by the registers. I turn around to make the order and suddenly see a little old lady standing in the lobby.

Me: *Dumbfounded* “Ma’am, I’m… sorry, but the lobby’s… uh… closed.”

Customer: *Very calm but resolute* “I called ahead about my chicken livers.”

At this point, a manager hears an unfamiliar voice and heads up from the back kitchen.

Manager: “What’s going on?”

Me: “She called ahead about her chicken livers?”

Manager: “Ma’am, we don’t serve those here.”

It’s worth noting at this point that we’re a burger joint. It says on the sign and in every iteration of the logo that we serve burgers.

Customer: *Insistent* “But I called ahead! I need twenty chicken livers!”

Manager: “Ma’am, did you mean to go to [Chicken Restaurant] next door?”

Customer: *Pauses* “Where am I?”

Manager: “[Burger Restaurant].”

Customer: “Well, that would explain it.”

She turned around and walked out. I checked the doors after her, and sure enough, every single one was locked. I hope she found her chicken livers somewhere out there.

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