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How To Freely Encourage Your Dislike

| Working | August 1, 2014

(Our hotel has been open for almost a year when we find out that we will be having internal auditors come in and check over our work to make sure that everything is being done the way they want. The problem is that we have just found out what they require as far as how things like reports should be put together. A few of us who really like our general manager get together to redo almost a year’s worth of work in the next three weeks. My coworkers and I over hear this exchange between our general manager and the assistant general manager.)

General Manager: “You know, those desk clerks have worked miracles getting all these reports and packets together. We should do something nice for them. They have even stayed after hours and off the clock a lot of nights to get this done.”

Assistant General Manager: “Why? They are the ones dumb enough to work for free.”

(It’s a good thing we love our general manager. We now don’t even bother to pretend to like the assistant general manager.)

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