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How To Deal With Customers Who Refuse To Leave After Closing

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Our store has this client who religiously comes into the store five minutes before closing. He never wants any help with anything and will spend an hour walking around the store doing absolutely nothing.

He is always just browsing, and he comes at this time because he knows no one else will be there and he wants the store to himself in peace. In the eyes of the staff, he’s a real self-absorbed person who thinks the retail world revolves around him and we are here to serve him.

After witnessing this a few times, and after clearing it with the head office, my manager waits for this guy to show up again, and as expected, five minutes before closing, in walks Mr. Entitled.

The manager walks up to greet him.

Manager: “Do you need any assistance?”

Mr. Entitled: *As per the expected response* “No, thanks. I am just looking around.”

The manager puts his hands on the guy’s shoulders and starts to rotate him 180 degrees. Mr. Entitled is naturally confused.

Mr. Entitled: “What are you doing?!”

Once he’s fully rotated, the manager says:

Manager: “Okay, you have looked around. Now you can leave!”

Naturally, Mr. Entitled was not at all impressed. He made demands and threats about calling the head office, etc., but as it was cleared by the company, no one ever heard anything more about it and he was never seen near closing time again.

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