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How To Combat The Bullying A-Gender

| Learning | August 28, 2013

(I am a male transitioning to female. I go to a high school where bullying is a huge problem, and the teachers do little about it. Due to my small size, I am often a target, and have to run for my own safety. I am physically male, but can be mistaken as a girl with my long hair and waifish body type.)

Bully Leader: “Get back here twerp!”

(I run down the hall between the locker rooms and the gym.)

Bully #2: “I got him!”

(Bully #2 jumps in front of me around a corner. I duck inside the girl’s locker room and find a corner away from the door to sit and stare at. I never once look towards the girls who are changing. The gym teacher heads to the door to head off the bullies.)

Gym Teacher: “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Bully Leader: “Out of the way!”

Gym Teacher: “Sorry, but no. This is a girl’s locker room.”

Bully Leader: “There’s a boy in there right now!”

Gym Teacher: “I saw no boy, just the girl that fled in here before you showed up. Now leave before I call the cops!”

Bully Leader: “This isn’t the end twerp!” *leaves*

Gym Teacher: *walks over* “You’re lucky. Most boys who come in here I send out immediately with suspension.”

Me: “And why didn’t you?”

Gym Teacher: “Because A: the girls aren’t shrinking in terror. B: you haven’t been taking a peek at them since you got in here; you’ve been staring at the wall. Even now you don’t dare risk looking at me while I talk to you because you don’t want to accidentally look. Am I right?”

Me: “That’s correct.”

Gym Teacher: “And C: I have been noticing you around being chased by those guys. I’ve been trying to get them expelled but the rest of the faculty sadly doesn’t care.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve learned that well enough. And so have they. I’m sorry for barging in like that.”

Gym Teacher: “Well, I protect my girls. You can consider yourself as one of us.”

Me: “Are you sure you should be making that kind of decision?”

(One of the girls in the locker room chimes in.)

Girl: “Well, considering we’re not throwing things at you, yes. You’re one of us.”

Gym Teacher: “Then it’s decided. Any time you need to get away from those bullies, or just need a place to hide, my door is always open.”

(Since then, up until the point I dropped out because I couldn’t take that school anymore, I hid in the girl’s locker room. Now that I’m older and better transitioning as a girl, I am amazed I was able to do such a thing. So to the gym teacher who protected me, I hope you’re reading this. Thank you.)

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