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How To Be More Better At Grammer

| Related | August 21, 2012

(My older sister and I are both very OCD about English, and constantly correct grammar if we hear something incorrectly stated. My older sister is helping my younger sister out with an essay for English.)

Older sister: “How about I just sit down and proofread the essay? That way, I can fix any grammar problems as well.”

Younger sister: “Okay, that’s fine.”

(A couple minutes later, my older sister starts exclaiming about how horrible the grammar in the essay is.)

Older sister: “Wow, this grammar seriously sucks.”

Younger sister: “Whatever, it’s not like I’m good at English. I’m more better at Math.”

Me: *convulsing on the ground from lack of correct grammar* “So… many… things… wrong with that sentence!”

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