How To Be Clean Of Customers

, , , | Right | November 23, 2019

(I work at a very popular fast food restaurant doing night shifts. Once a year, we have to shut down all our cooking stations and pull them several feet away from the wall for a third-party crew to come in and clean all the… gunk… that builds up behind them. The regular crew uses this time to do a deep-clean of the entire rest of the store. All of our external lights are off, we only have barely enough inside lights on to see what we’re doing, and the drive-thru is coned off. I am taking a much-needed smoke break when a large truck drives over our cones and stops at the drive-thru speaker, only a few feet away from the patio I’m sitting on.)

Me: “Sorry, we’re closed right now for cleaning.”


Me: *thinking* “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” *verbally* “They’re open.” *pointing to the store with a drive-thru entrance no more than ten feet away from ours*

Driver: “F*** YOU!” *lays on the gas and squeals out of our drive-thru, past the other store, and out of the complex, never to be seen again*

(Yeah, dude, so sorry; I forgot that you’re more important than the health rating of our store. I’m sure your one single order would have been more than enough to cover the extra hour five contractors would charge for their work.)

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