How To Audit Yourself

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(I’m at work when I get the following email from a coworker who doesn’t like me. I think her dislike is because I answer to a supervisor that she doesn’t have in her pocket. She also copies my supervisor in on the email.)

Coworker: “Please review this document and correct the errors made. [Supervisor], if this is going to be a recurring issue, may I suggest [My Name] undergo additional training?”

Supervisor: *in a separate IM to me* “Don’t answer that. Something isn’t right here.”

(While I admit I do on occasion make a few errors, for me to have done this, I would’ve had to go into a completely different system than the one I use and purposely change the information, as I couldn’t have done it the way it was showing from my system. A few minutes later, I get copied on an email from my supervisor.)

Supervisor: “I’ve reviewed the document, and noticed that the error was not one [My Name] could’ve mistakenly made. I checked the audit trail, and it seems that you were the last one to edit this document.”

(I never heard back about that one.)

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