How To Achieve Ectoplasm With Your Partner

| Romantic | January 2, 2013

(My husband recently used some foot soap to soothe his itchy feet. Several hours later, I discover his footbath still under his desk. As I pick it up, I realized that due to the bran in said foot soap, the contents of the tub have gone gelatinous. I take it to the bathroom and dump it in the tub, promptly dissolving into giggles from the sight of a contiguous, gelatinous mass in the bathtub.)

Me: “Honey, you have to see this. It’s so nasty.”

Husband: “What’re you talking about?”

Me: “The stuff you used for your feet is a gelatinous mess. It’s like Slimer took a dump in the tub.”

Husband: “Wait… it’s like what?”

Me: “It’s like Slimer took a dump in the tub!”

Husband: “That’s awesome.”

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