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How The Duck Do Ducks Work?

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I had two female ducks and one male duck. The females always had wounds behind their heads due to the aggressive mating rituals ducks do and the fact that there were only two females available. We then decided to take the male to a farm (not a euphemism) and got two more female ducks.

I sent a picture of the new ducks to my mom and sis. Then, they baffled me via group text.

Me: “We have four female ducks now.”

Sis: “Will they still lay eggs?”

Me: “Yep.”

Mom: “You still have the male, right?”

Me: “No. I told you, we traded him.”

Mom: “Aww. Then you won’t have duck eggs anymore.”

Me: “Huh? Of course, I would. It’s like female humans. Eggs are produced with or without the male.”

Mom: “How will you get eggs without the male?”

Me: “Females produce eggs. Female plus male makes babies. No male, just eggs.”

Mom: “Ohhh.”

Me: “…”

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