How Retail Has Worked Since 1972

, , , | Right | August 7, 2018

(The local supermarket uses a self-checkout line in addition to the normal, staffed checkout lines. This helps some shoppers avoid long lines, and is convenient for students to finish shopping quickly. One day, I’m in line behind a man in his forties or fifties at the self-checkout line.)

Customer: “Hey, I need help over here. I’m not able figure this machine out.”

Salesman: “Certainly, sir. You just look for the barcode printed on each item you wish to bag. For fruits and vegetables, you simply weigh them on the counter and look up the item on the menu.”

Customer: *blinking rapidly* “Wow… You guys are so sophisticated. You went all out, didn’t you? Having to print these codes and s***.”

Salesman: “Actually, sir, there are barcodes on every item everywhere else. In other stores, the cashier checks them out.”

Customer: “Wait, there are barcodes on all items?”

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