How Men Shop

, , | Right | September 22, 2008

Customer: “Can you help me find the uh… uh…” *trails off*

Me: “The…”

Customer: “You know, the refrigerator stuff.”

Me: “Our refrigerators are–”

Customer: “No! The stuff that uh, you know, is…” *trails off again*

Me: “Ice cube trays? Mini fridges?”

Customer: “No, no. You know, like the stuff in the refrigerator… the stuff… like tea!”

Me: “You mean the food?”

Customer: “Yeah, the refrigerator stuff. The teas.”

Me: “Food is under the sign marked food, over on the other side of the store.”

Customer: “How do you know if food is in the refrigerator?”

Me: *gives up* “I have no idea.”

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