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How Is This Person Still Alive?, Part 2

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Customer: “The cash machine (ATM) by your entrance is broken.”

Me: “Oh, no! Thanks for letting us know.”

Customer: “Yeah, I tried to take out £1,000, but it wouldn’t let me.”

Me: “Oh! Well, I think it’s different for each bank, but most banks have a cash withdrawal limit of £250 or £300 a day.”

Customer: “Oh, that must be it. Thanks.”

I nod and assume that’s the end of it. A few minutes later, they’re back.

Customer: “No, still not working. You know, it’s not nice to have a sign up saying it can give you cash but then not have it work!”

Me: “The machines are operated by a bank, not us, but I’ll pass on the message to get them to check on it. For my notes, can you tell me what issue the machine is giving you?”

Customer: “Well, it says, ‘Free Cash’, so I try to press the numbers to say how much I want, but nothing comes out!”

Me: “Just so we’re clear, you know that ‘Free Cash’ means that you won’t be charged by the bank to withdraw money from that cash machine, right?”

Customer: “Yeah, because it’s free money.”

Me: “Well, it’s still your own money, sir. You’re just not being charged to have access to it.”

Customer: “But I don’t have any money. That’s why I wanted the free cash!”

Me: “Sir, what did you expect to happen if you inserted a bank card with no money on it?”

Customer: “What card?”

Yes. This customer saw a cash machine with the “Free Cash” sign above it and simply walked up to it and started pressing numbers, expecting it to dispense that same number in cash.

Without a bank account.

For free.

How Is This Person Still Alive?

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