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How Hard Is It To SHUT UP In The Theater?!

, , , | Right | May 14, 2022

I worked for a theater that sold beer and wine. A customer came down all upset.

Customer: “A few folks in the theater were being loud, and when I asked them to shut up, they yelled that they had a gun!”

We asked the two guys and the girl that were being loud to come down to the lobby so as not to disturb others. At first, I offered them a refund, just to get them to leave. The girl seemed drunk, and we have no tolerance for threats or bad behavior. They refused to leave, and it escalated.

Me: “If you don’t leave, I will call the police.”

Not until I actually called did the one guy drag his two friends away. But a colleague overheard them threatening me and my life. It took so long for the cops to come, but that worked out as, by then, the girl had come back to start s***.

She was arrested. I ended up banning them. They begged the owner to remove the ban, and he almost did until I threatened to quit if he did. They did try to come back a few times, but since I worked five days a week, I was there every time they tried. I’m just glad the gun threat was a bluff.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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