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How Gluttons Complain

, | Right | March 28, 2008

(I was a customer observing this in line, not the employee.)

Customer: “I’d like a hot fudge sundae.”

(The worker makes a hot fudge sundae and presents it to customer.)

Customer: *eats spoonful of sundae* “The ice cream is melting.” *eats another spoonful*

Worker: “I’m sorry. It’s probably because there’s HOT fudge on top of it.”

Customer: *spoonful* “The ice cream is too soft. *spoonful* I can’t eat this.” *spoonful*

Worker: “I could try to remake it for you, or get you something else.”

Customer: *still chowing down* “This is just awful.”

(The customer takes another spoonful–by this time about half the sundae is gone.)

Customer: “How do you expect people to eat this–” *spoonful* “–when the ice cream is so soft?” *spoonful* “The ice cream should be hard!” *spoonful*

Worker: “Would you like something else?”

Customer: *spoonful spoonful spoonful* “Don’t bother. Just throw it away.” *spoonful*

(The customer hands what little is left to the worker and stomps away indignantly, still complaining.)

My Wife: *not very quietly* “What a b****!

Worker: *smiles at my wife*

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