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How Em-Bra-assing, Part 8

, , , , | Right | January 28, 2021

I work in the box office selling tickets. Two customers approach, both women, one about thirty years older than the other.

Woman #1: “Do y’all have a lost and found?”

Me: “We certainly do. Can you describe the item you’re looking for so I can check?”

Woman #1: *Seeming sheepish* “It’s a bra.”

I stop dead with my hand on the door to go check the logbook.

Me: “Did you say a bra?”

Woman #1: “Yes, I lost it last night in auditorium three.”

Me: “W-Well, let me have a look.”

I bolt into the office and check both the basket of unlogged items as well as the logbook. I also tell my manager what is up, because this is just too weird. Unsurprisingly, I find nothing and return to my register.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we have nothing matching that description.”

[Woman #1] then, to my horror, proceeds to remove her bra to show me.

Woman #2: “It’s not a typical bra; it was custom made and very expensive.”

Woman #1: “It looks like this.”

Me: “Yes, I see, but I still did not find any bras.”

The two women bickered about whether or not to go check the theater. I told them there was a movie in progress, but the older woman insisted. They didn’t find it, and they left a phone number by which to contact them if it turned up.

From the sounds of it, the two women were here together last night, and from the looks of it, the older woman was her mother. The whole thing was bizarre.

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