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How Em-Bra-assing, Part 7

, , , | Right | July 18, 2020

I work at a large cellular company in customer service. I get a call from a woman who is upset her phone stopped working. The phone has an internal piece of paper called a liquid indicator that is red after I ask her to check it, meaning that somehow, the phone got wet.

Me: “Have you ever dropped it or gotten it wet to the best of your knowledge?”

Keep in mind that I’m talking to her in July in the dead of summer.

Caller:Nope! I always keep it safe in my bra.”

Me: “Is it hot where you live?”

Caller: “Shoot, yeah! It’s hotter than Hell!”

Me: “Do you spend a lot of time inside or are you outside a lot?”

Caller: “My air conditioning is broke and I’m sweating like crazy every day!”

Finally, after PRAYING TO GOD I won’t have to say this to a grown woman, I say…

Me: “Is your bra dry at the end of the day?”

I look behind me and all three of my female coworkers look at me like I’M FREAKING NUTS.

Caller: “Well, shoot, no. It’s drenched…”

And FINALLY, THE DIM LITTLE LIGHTBULB turned on. She got quiet and finally asked when her upgrade was next available. 

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