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How Drunk Do You Have To Be To Mess This Up?!

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: ThatsNoMoOnx | December 5, 2021

I work in a hotel. A very drunk man and woman come into my lobby. The girl grabs some snacks and charges them to her room. They get on the elevator together to go to her room.

I am finishing up my night audit duties when a guest calls me, saying some drunk guy is knocking on their door. Okay, no problem. I radio security, and security brings down a drunk man in his boxers.

This is the same man who went up with the drunk lady. I call her room.

Me: “Hey, Ms. [Woman]. Sorry to bother you at this late hour, but the man you came in with earlier tonight is locked out. Could you let him in? He is literally in his underwear.”

Woman: “Everyone who is supposed to be in my room is already here. And also, someone keeps knocking; tell them to stop.”

Me: *Pauses* “Okay, let me get this straight. You are telling me you do not know the man you came in with at all?”

Woman: “No.” *Hangs up*

Man: “Ms. [Woman] is my fiancée and we’re visiting from out of state!”

I really was not expecting this amount of bulls*** on a Tuesday night.

This man was clearly very drunk, and he started accusing me of being in cahoots with his alleged fiancée. Bro, I don’t care about this lady; I just want your naked a** out of my lobby!

The man decided to call his father, a Super-Duper Shiny Member. He agreed to pay for a separate room for his son over the phone. I freaked because I had never worked a property that didn’t require me to have a CCA form and copy of a picture ID to make a reservation.

Since I was new to this property, I call my general manager… at 4:30 am. I got prepared to be chewed out.

But no! The general manager said I could check him in over the phone because he was a Super-Duper Shiny Member.

But it turned out that the woman was, in fact, the man’s fiancée.

She came down crying, looking for the man, who I had sent up to his new room. The guy’s dad called her and cussed her out. The rest of their visit was, thankfully, uneventful.

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