How Do You Restaurant?

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I walk into work today to complete chaos. It’s a holiday that’s specific to my state, apparently, so we are pretty busy.

I am trying to rush to a table outside with waters when a couple of people stop me in the crowded lobby.

Customer #1: “We have a reservation; do we need to check in, or should we just head to our table?”

Me: “Head over to the host stand to check in, please.”

I point them in the right direction. They thank me and I continue on my mission to take water to the outside table.

I am stopped again by a group. I can see that they have sat themselves at the lower-level patio, at a table that is pretty far away from everything else but close to the parking lot. One of the group members is an old lady.

Customer #2: “Excuse me! We’re sitting here because she’s old and she can’t walk up there.”

Me: “That’s perfectly fine, as long as nobody needs that table right now. Just send one person up to the host stand and they will be able to seat you.”

Customer #2: “There’s seven of us. How do we do this?”

Me: “One of you just needs to walk up to the host stand and they will be able to find you a table.”

Customer #2: “But how do we do that?”

Me: “Only one of you needs to go up. The hosts will be able to find you a table.”

Customer #2: “There’s seven of us and she’s old.”

Me: “She doesn’t need to go up. Only one of you does. The hosts can assist you.”

About a minute goes by as we keep having the same exchange. They’re literally asking the same thing over and over and I keep answering the same thing. Then, finally, it registers in their brains that one of them needs to go in.

Customer #2: “Well, we have two people inside checking in right now.”

Me: *Internally facepalming* “Okay, great. The hosts will find you a table.”

I walk away and greet my table and get their orders, and as I am walking back, a member of the group of seven comes down.

Customer #1: “We got the table ready! Time to go in!!”

Coincidentally — yet not surprisingly — the two people who had stopped me in the lobby earlier were part of the other group I spoke to. Sigh.

Source: Reddit (Credit: KingOfArms, Original Story)

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