How Do You Like Them Applesauce?

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(My husband and I have recently had our first child and I have been struggling with postpartum depression. My mom has made some unwanted remarks towards me as a mother. This happens when I’m dropping my daughter off with my mom so my husband and I can go on a date. My daughter is about eight months old and I’m going over stuff with my mom. I’ve already had a rough day and am kind of out of it so I didn’t pack everything I needed for her.)

Me: “She can have whatever you guys have for dinner; just cut it into pieces she can handle.”

Mom: “Did you pack her any snacks?”

Me: “No, I forgot. But she’ll eat cheese or crackers or any fruit that you have.”

Mom: “Well, good moms bring snacks for their children when they go to their grandparents.”

(This is the last straw for me because my family has already made me feel like a bad mom in the past and I haven’t said anything until this point.)

Me: “Well, good grandmas have snacks for their grandchildren when they come over.” 

(My mom stopped after that, and the next time we came over, she was stocked up on applesauce and crackers. Thankfully, she hasn’t made any hurtful comments anymore, either.)

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