How Do I Put This Plainly?

, , , | Right | May 2, 2020

I’m working in a beauty supply store when a client comes up to me and holds up a [Brand] veil powder. It comes in a few different types now, but this is the “original” veil.

Client: “I need to exchange this. I accidentally got the wrong kind; I just want the plain veil.”

I look at the product and see it says, “Original veil,” on the product. 

Me: “This is the plain one. See over here how there is tinted, SPF, and luminizing? Original just means it has nothing else added.”

Client: “But I want the regular veil!”

Me: “This is the regular veil.”

Client: “No! I want the regular veil. This isn’t it!”

This went on for another minute or two before I walked away and got a manager before I got myself fired. She couldn’t get her to understand it, either. The client ended up leaving in a huff.

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