How Do I Put This Clearly? You’re Wrong

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(My husband, our toddler, and I are visiting my husband’s mom and step-dad on Christmas Eve. My son knows a lot of words for his age, even some considered harder for his age, but only seems to use them when he thinks absolutely necessary.)

Son: *says something in gibberish to my mother-in-law* “Okay?”

Mother-In-Law: *looks at me expectantly* “And what was that he said?”

Me: *shrugs* “No clue, because it was all babble except the ‘okay.’”

Husband: *chuckles* “Yeah, sometimes [Son] does that, but he can speak in short sentences when he wants to. It’s usually three or four words, but he gets his point across.”

Mother-In-Law: *snottily* “If you say so, but it could be a delay.”

Me: *irritably* “I do say so, and he’s fine.”

(She makes a disapproving noise, and I just roll my eyes and ignore it. Later, as we’re eating, I offer my son a bite of my baked potato.)

Son: *pushing the fork away* “No ‘tato!”

Husband: “See? He just said, ‘No potato.’”

(I can tell my mother-in-law is going to make a snide remark, but before she can get the words out, my husband’s step-dad offers some of his ham to my son.)

Step-Dad: *cheerfully* “Here, [Son]! Why don’t you have a bite of Pawpaw’s ham?”

(My son holds up one hand to reject the offer.)

Son: *loudly and perfectly clear* “I’d rather not.”

(My husband, his step-dad, and I all burst out laughing, but my mother-in-law got a very sour look on her face and pouted for the rest of the afternoon.)

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