How Dare You Stop My Child From Drowning!

, , , | Right | January 23, 2019

(Due to the coroner’s report on drownings in supervised areas, pools almost everywhere have a rule in place that children six and under need parental supervision in the water. Where I lifeguard, we have a huge Olympic pool and a kiddie pool that gets up to three feet deep. I am working during instructional time and notice a little girl, no older than four, going back into the kiddie pool alone after her lesson. Usually, in this case, I try to talk to the parent, but I don’t see one around. So, assuming the girl just went in on her own, I tell her very nicely that she has to have someone with her in the water. She nods and leaves. A few minutes later, a man approaches me.)

Man: *nicely* “Excuse me. What’s your name?”

Me: *thinking he’s going to ask me a question, gives him my name*

Man: “Thank you.” *walks away*

Me: “Wait, what?”

(I then watched him go up to the office to talk to the person in charge of lessons. I then watched him turn red from screaming and pointing at me, while I was trying not to laugh in the background. He eventually stormed off with the little girl I had spoken to earlier. When I got off rotation, it was explained to me that the man swore constantly, talking about how he was going to jump me after work and f****** end me… all because I was following a province-wide regulation and saving his daughter from drowning. The kicker? He was already on a warning for the comments he had made about the instructor for his daughter. His words exactly: “I don’t want that fat f*** teaching my daughter.” A phone call was made to inform the family that the man was banned from the centre for life. To this day, I still WISH I had been the one to make the call, especially if his wife picked up.)

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