How Dare You Make Human Mistakes!

, , | Right | October 28, 2018

(I work at a fancy hotel. Since our branding is “fancy,” a majority of our guest are high class. This is no problem; most of our guests are friendly and GREAT interactions. But like most places, we have our fair share of sourpusses.)

Guest: *approaches with a nasty attitude* “UH, HELLO!”

(I am making key cards to enter and leave rooms at the moment.)

Me: “Yes, sir, how may I assist you?”

Guest: “Well, my key card is deactivated. I don’t know who made this but they should have looked more carefully. This is ridiculous for a [Brand] hotel. Must have been someone new. It’s not that hard; you’ve got to be stupid to mess something like that up.”

Me: “To confirm, yes, sir, one of our new employees was training on her first day last night. It was an honest mistake, and nothing that cannot be easily fixed without any repercussions directed at anyone.”

Guest: *realizing he may have been a little too harsh* “Yeah, I guess so. Still, not very [Brand]-like!”

(Do some people not realize no matter HOW FANCY you can get that WE are STILL HUMANS, as well?)

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