How Dare You Eat Like Humans?!

, , , | Right | February 4, 2020

(Employees at my store decide to have a holiday get-together to celebrate surviving the first big week of sales. We are at a restaurant a mile from the store, all having dinner after the store has closed for the day. We are having dessert when suddenly someone drops their purse on the tabletop.)

Woman: “I was trying on a dark red party dress yesterday, but you didn’t have one in a size 12. Are you getting more in?”

(The table goes silent for a minute before one of the supervisors speaks up.)

Supervisor: “I’m sorry to hear that, and we will be happy to help you during business hours.”

Woman: “Can’t you check now?”

Supervisor: “No.”

Woman: “No?! I can’t believe you said no. You’re no help; I want your corporate number.”

Other Supervisor: “I don’t have that with me when I’m out of the store.”

(The woman looked flabbergasted by this and walked away grumbling. At least she recognized us!)

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