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How Dare You Bleed?!

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I badly injured my hand a few weeks ago. I’m working one night when I accidentally reopen the wound, and blood begins to pour out like a faucet. I’m not really concerned about my safety, since the doctor said this could happen, but since I’m bleeding all over the place, I obviously have to quickly act to stop it and redress the wound. I’m walking down a hallway with my injured hand soaked in blood and my uninjured hand gripping it tightly… and also soaked in blood.

Basically, it looks like a horror show.

I’m trying to awkwardly open the breakroom door with my elbows so I don’t get blood on it when I hear a woman clear her throat. I am focused on what I’m trying to do, so I think nothing of it.

Customer: “Excuse me!”

I turn my head to see a woman in her sixties standing there, looking furious.

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, but I cannot assist you right now. If you walk further into the lobby, there are several staff members who can assist you.”

Customer: “No! I need help right now! It is an emergency! My chair won’t recline all the way! You need to come with me right now!

Me: “Ma’am, trust me, you don’t want me to help you.”

Customer: “Pfft! I’ll get you fired if you don’t help me!”

Me: “Ma’am… please go to the lobby. I really can’t help you!”

Customer: “What’s your name?! I’m gonna report you!”

I turn all the way and hold up my blood-drenched hands so she can see them.

Me: “My name is [My Name], and as you can see… I got bigger fish to fry, thankyouverymuch!

Customer: *Shrieking* “Ack! You’re disgusting! Lazy!”

She storms away and I finally get the door open.

About fifteen minutes later, I’m all good. I’ve cleaned up, I’ve pretty much stopped the bleeding, and I have rewrapped my hand in gauze and medical tape. My manager comes in right as I’m about to leave.

Manager: “Evidently, I’m supposed to fire you for bleeding, according to some lady.”

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Manager: “Yeah. But no worries. I firmly told her exactly what orifice she could shove her complaint up when I realized you must have reopened your wound. She didn’t like that and left.”

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