How Dare You Be Open When We Need It?!

, , | Right | September 24, 2020

I’m in a convenience store when I see a couple running towards the store. They look at the hours posted on the door and enter.

Man: “The store really closes at 10:00 pm?”

It’s not far from 8:00 pm.

Cashier: “Yes, as written on the door.”

Woman: “But on Google, it says you close at 8:00 pm!”

Cashier: “Sorry, we didn’t put the schedules on Google. Anyone can put them on.”

Woman: “So, we ran for nothing. We have guests at 8:30, we forgot things, and we thought we wouldn’t make it in time.”

Man: “You need to change that now.”

Cashier: “I will do it later. I don’t think my manager would appreciate it if I used my phone during work when there were customers waiting.”

Woman: “And can we see her?”

Cashier: “Sorry, she’s not here now.”

Woman: “So, you can change them now!”

Not having found what I was looking for, I left the store. I took a picture of the schedules on the door with my phone, and when I got home, I corrected the information on Google.

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