How Dare They Look Like Humans!

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(I work at a Christian chain retail store. We actually have a pretty peaceful environment and customers, only having the occasional rude or stupid ones. This is one of my more memorable interactions as a cashier.)

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

Customer: “Good. And you?”

Me: “Doing pretty good. Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: “I did, but I have to express a concern.”

Me: “Oh, okay.” *rather apprehensively*

Customer: *leaning in a little closer* “It’s about your mannequins in the apparel section. They’re a little too… gifted, if you know what I mean.”

(Our mannequins are pretty standard. Some look male and some look female by having “boobs.” I assume she’s referring to the female ones.)

Customer: “They just make me feel uncomfortable to look at, and I feel a store like this wouldn’t have mannequins that would look like that. Have you ever noticed them?”

Me: *taken aback by her comment, as I’ve never heard something like this before* “Umm, well… no, ma’am, I haven’t really paid that much attention to the mannequins, but I’m sorry you feel that way about them.

Customer: “Well, maybe you could mention to someone higher up about them. Wouldn’t want children, like my little daughter, seeing things like that.”

Me: *still trying to be professional and not laugh* “No, we definitely don’t want that. I’ll mention it to my manager, or you could call our corporate office and file a complaint with them if you’d like.”

Customer: “I just might do that. You have a nice day.”

(When she left, I told my manager what had happened. He said, “Seriously?” and burst out laughing. He then looked at the mannequins and said, “I guess they do have breasts. Never paid attention to it until now.”)

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