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How About Staying Home And Brewing Your Own?

, , | Right | CREDIT: taylortherod | May 12, 2022

I used to work at a restaurant that had table service and a drive-thru. On the third shift, I would do both, but I got most of my business in the drive-thru. At about 5:00 am every weekday, this middle-aged guy would come through, order two large black coffees, and then quickly drive up to the window before I could even respond. I don’t know why that always bothered me so much. It just felt kind of rude.

One day, he did what I described, but this time he had someone in front of him. The car in front of him ordered a large breakfast meal. The cook wasn’t quite finished prepping for breakfast yet because it had just started, so it was taking some time. Coffee guy got to the window.

Coffee Guy: “It’s called fast food, not slow food, right?”

This pissed me off so much. I quickly handed him his coffees while mean-mugging him. Every day he came after that, I purposefully took my sweet time getting his coffees.

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