How About Confirmation Bias

| Learning | May 23, 2013

(We are learning about something called “hindsight bias” in psychology class, in which the solution to a puzzle or problem seems obvious in retrospect.)

Instructor: “Take this anagram (‘OCHSA’) for example. If I were to tell you the answer, you’d think, ‘In retrospect, I could have figured that out in about 10 seconds,’ but it actually takes around three minutes to solve.”

(A student raises his hand.)

Instructor: “Yes, [student]?”

Student: “It’s CHAOS.” *pauses* “In retrospect, I did figure that out in about ten seconds.”

Instructor: “[Student], please refrain from ruining my examples in the future.” *addressing the class* “Okay, MOST students would have taken about three minutes. Any other questions?”

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