Hotels Charge Per Knight Rider

| Working | January 29, 2014

(It’s the end of November. I’ve just finished making a reservation for a guest that will be coming in Christmas Day to spend with his family.)

Me: “Is there anything else that I can do for you today?”

Guest: *joking* “You could always get a me a new car?”

Me: *laughs* “I will see what we can do about that, sir. See you on Christmas Day.”

(Two days before the guest comes in I go to the store and pick up a couple of hot-wheel type cars for some of my coworkers, just for fun. I decide to keep a small ‘Knight Rider’ one for the guest who wanted a new car. It comes to the time I am checking him in.)

Me: *handing him the wrapped car* “And this was all our budget allowed for new cars for our favorite guests.”

Guest: *unwraps the paper* “This is great! I always wanted one of these cars. I bet my wife would even let me keep this one!”

(The guest was very happy as he ran off to go show his wife his new car.)

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