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Hot Tub Crime Machine

, , | Right | April 25, 2019

(At our pool, the only hot tubs are in the male and female change-rooms, while on the pool deck we have a kiddie pool and the main pool. The hot tubs in the change-rooms are hotter, and we will sometimes have parents want to bring their children in with them. We have no problem with this, as long as they are aware not to stay in too long, and as long as their children of the opposite gender are three and under. In all my years there, I have never had a problem with fathers bringing in daughters who are too old. I have had MULTIPLE problems with mothers bringing their sons into the female change room. I’m doing a change-room check in the female change-room when a mom walks in with her two sons. Both are clearly way too old to be in there; they are probably eight or ten. They make their way to the hot tub.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but they can’t be in there if they are over the age of three.”

(The mother turns around and looks at me, wide-eyed.)

Mom: “WHAT?!”

Me: “This is still a female change-room, so they can’t be in here if they are over three.”

Mom: “THIS IS RIDICULOUS! You expect me to leave my kids to get kidnapped while I use the hot tub? This is how they get kidnapped; that is a horrible rule!”

Me: “I don’t expect that at all, but we have the kiddie pool for you to use—“


Me: “Well, I’m sorry but they can’t be in here.”

Mom: “What am I supposed to do, then?”

Me: “There is the kiddie pool, or you can return with someone to watch your kids while—“

Mom: “No, we’re not going anywhere. Boys, get comfy.”

(She then proceeded to go into the hot tub and glare at me. Eventually, security had to force them out.)

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